Cleaning Services Company Shares Impact of Cleaning on Physical & Mental Health

A Clean Home Does Wonders for Your Mental and Physical Well-Being

Thanks to Marie Kondo and a number of shows focusing on minimalism and decluttering, tidying up the home is a trending topic. A clean, neat home creates a more peaceful living environment, which leads to a calmer, less anxious mental state. Studies are showing the correlation of a clean home showing that clutter leads to stress and anxiety which impacts your health and relationships. With this in mind, if you’re busy and feeling stressed, but struggling to make time for routine home cleaning, a home cleaning service to help you get back in control might be exactly what you need.


1. Home Cleaning and its Impact on Physical and Mental Health

A study by the University of California investigated the stress hormone levels of thirty couples. For those with homes that they described as messy or chaotic, the couples showed increased levels of cortisol which is a hormone produced by stress. The study also found that women were more significantly impacted than men. Another study by Indiana University showed that people with clean homes tended to be healthier than those with messy homes in a study that tracked the physical health of nearly 1000 participants. This shows that a clean home keeps you healthier, both mentally and physically.


2. Home Cleaning and How It Impacts Your Relationships

A study published by the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin looked at the way that 60 women talked about their homes. Where words such as ‘cluttered’ and ‘messy’ were used, these women were more likely to be depressed and suffering from fatigue compared to the women who described their homes as ‘peaceful’ or ‘restful’. The women with cluttered homes also had higher levels of cortisol (the stress hormone).

A clean home, therefore, has a ripple effect on your relationship with your partner and your children. A cluttered space makes it more difficult for children to focus; they’re more likely to enjoy having fewer toys, playing with them more and will be more likely to help to keep their rooms clean. Everyone, whether children or adults, becomes more anxious and irritable when surrounded by clutter.


3. How a Clean Home Improves Mental Health

The link between a clean home and mental health is clear. In the words of Darby Saxbe, a psychology professor from the University of Southern California, “Cleaning gives people a sense of mastery and control over their environment. Life is full of uncertainty, and many situations are out of our hands, but at least we can assert our will on our living space. Clutter can be visually distracting, too, and serve as a nagging reminder of tasks and chores undone.” Put differently: when you’re stressed and you feel that things are out of control, you might get an overwhelming urge to clean – there’s a good reason for this.


4. How a Home Cleaning Service Can Bridge the Gap

If you feel like you’re stuck in a bad cycle, where your home is cluttered and a mess, but you don’t have the energy to tackle anything, a home cleaning service can help. This service will come in and clean the house from top to bottom, getting to all the jobs that have been neglected for weeks, if not months. From there, it’s much easier to take over and continue cleaning more regularly – or keep the service going on a weekly or monthly basis. You’ll quickly see the benefits; from improved physical health to a calmer, less anxious mind, and you’ll find it easier to create a more loving, peaceful, home environment.

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