Home Cleaning Professionals Shares Questions to Ask When Hiring Cleaners

Professional Home Cleaning Service Provider Provides ‘Must Ask’ Questions When Hiring A House Cleaner

If you’ve always done your own cleaning, the thought of hiring a house cleaning service can be overwhelming. With so many different options and different price levels, it’s easy to lose focus. To help you make the right decision, these are the 7 most important questions to ask that will ensure that the cleaning service you hire does a good job, at an affordable price. 

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What house cleaning tasks will you do?

A house cleaning company should provide a written checklist of the tasks that will be performed. This is important, as different companies and cleaning services will have differing ideas of what a basic clean looks like. You need to know what you’re paying for so that when you’re weighing  the alternatives, you’re comparing apples with apples. Areas of confusion to watch out for including dusting of hard-to-reach areas such as ceiling fan blades, children’s toys, trash removal throughout the house, stripping and making beds, washing dishes and laundry.


Do you offer quality assurance when cleaning houses?

It’s important to use the house cleaning services of a company that is committed to offering its customers a high level of service. It might be that they do regular quality checks, ask for feedback from customers or have processes in place to continually make improvements to the level of service.


What happens if the home cleaning service is not done right?

It’s important to understand if the cleaning company offers any support if you are dissatisfied. Some companies will offer a discount on the next service, but won’t offer to fix the issue. Others may offer to come back immediately and do the necessary fixes to address the problem (or offer your money back). You will need to decide whether this is important to you or not, and what level of customer service you expect from your cleaning company.  


Who provides the house cleaning equipment and supplies?

In most cases it’s more convenient if the company provides their own supplies and equipment. Employees are less likely to make mistakes as they are familiar with their own products. It can also save you money as providing supplies costs a couple of hundred dollars per year which adds to your cleaning bill. Many cleaning companies also offer the option of environmentally friendly products, remember to check if this is an option when comparing the different services. 


How long have you been offering house cleaning services?

It’s not difficult to start cleaning homes, but it’s not the same as running a reputable, sustainable business over many years. A home cleaning company that has been around for a while and has a good reputation is more likely to offer a consistently good customer experience


Doees your employees prescreened as a qualified house cleaners?

Do they check the references of their employees? And do the checks include a look at the person’s criminal background? Are the employees insured? It’s of the utmost importance that the home cleaning company does a thorough check of everyone that they employ so that your safety is not compromised.


How much training do your home cleaners receive?

Many cleaning companies don’t invest in training their employees because of the industry’s high staff turnover rates. But a good service will ensure that employees receive ongoing, formal training to help ensure quality and consistency.

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