Five Factors That Drive Home Cleaning Services’ Costs

The Triangle area is a bustling part of North Carolina and is the second-largest population center in the state as of 2017. The Research Triangle or the Triangle is anchored by three major research universities — North Carolina State University in Raleigh, Duke University in Durham, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill — and the three cities of Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill.

In addition to hosting prominent research universities, the Triangle also hosts a large number of tech companies and other industries. The research facilities and the educated workforce they provide have historically been a major attraction for businesses located in the region. The Triangle has one of the highest concentrations of business and educational professionals not just in the state of North Carolina, but also along the East Coast of the United States.


A search of residential cleaning services and maid services in The Triangle yields dozens of results, which is understandable considering the high concentration of business, research and academic professionals in the area. Many of these professionals are outsourcing their home cleaning needs to residential cleaning services in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area.

The maxim that says “You get what you pay for” is familiar, but especially true of home cleaning services in the Triangle. Busy professionals looking for a competent and trustworthy residential cleaning service in the Triangle should consider five cost drivers when comparing price quotes from one home cleaning service to the next.

1. Hiring

Cleaning service companies who identify and hire only employees who genuinely care about delivering exceptional cleaning performance can provide greater value by reducing the customer’s security and liability risks.

Ask prospective cleaning service providers the following questions:

  • What are the foundational personality traits necessary for a new hire?
  • What is the process for checking references and other background information?

2. Training

Every cleaning company trains their employees. However, the commitment a cleaning service makes towards training new service providers can be a strong indicator of its commitment to quality and protection of the customer’s home.

The company that engages in ample classroom time, observation, structured on-the-job training, and testing is likely to deliver consistently better cleaning performance than a company that relies on only a day or two of on-the-job mentoring.

3. Cleaning tools and solutions

Several cost factors should be considered regarding cleaning tools and solutions. First, be aware that many cleaning service providers will book the client’s business at what seems to be a lower cost, then present the client with a list of supplies they expect to be purchased regularly. For service providers that do bring their own tools and solutions, several additional questions are needed.

  • How are cleaning products selected? Words that should be a part of the conversation include ‘effective,’ ‘efficient,’ ‘safe,’ ‘scientifically researched,’ ‘green,’ etc.
  • Do the cleaning technicians match specialized tools and solutions to specific cleaning tasks? If the answer is ‘no,’ they may be cleaning less effectively and efficiently and risking damage to the home, furniture, and keepsakes.
  • Do they use the same solutions every time they clean? If the answer is ‘no,’ they may be sacrificing quality, cleaning effectiveness, and safety for whatever happens to be on sale at the time.
  • What precautions do they take to avoid cross-contamination in each home and from home to home? For example, do they segregate bathroom tools from kitchen tools? Such measures are more costly but protect the health of the customer and their family.

4. Quality control

A cleaning service company that works hard initially may let its standards slide over time. To avoid a decline in performance and quality, look for cleaning service providers with the following qualities:

  • Well-defined cleaning standards
  • Processes and people who are dedicated to keeping those standards
  • Convenient customer feedback options
  • Clearly articulated satisfaction guarantees

5. Good business practices

People who operate their business with integrity will pay all their required taxes and carry the appropriate types and levels of insurance. As a consequence, these businesses have higher costs compared to those who dodge requirements. While the services of a reliable cleaner may be slightly more expensive, customers are much better protected from risks and liabilities, including injuries, property damage, theft, and taxes.

MaidPro Triangle in Raleigh provides home cleaning Raleigh residents can trust. The team works with clients to build a customized cleaning plan tailored to their individual needs and budget. The MaidPro Triangle professionals are expertly trained to provide the highest quality residential cleaning and use the highest quality green cleaning products.

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